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Connectcredit has brought together the best brokers on the market to personally support you in your wealth and professional ambitions.

Our goal: to save you time by simplifying your procedures


Real estate credit

Repurshase of credits

Borrower insurance

Credit for non-residents

Start-up financing

Real estate credit

Redemption of credits

Borrower insurance

Credit for non-residents

Start-up financing

A very responsive private broker who provides original financing solutions that have allowed me to make real savings

Stéphanie Renault-Levy

Dream team, Jonathan Fitoussi and his simply super pro assistants. I owe them a lot, they helped me a lot! Thanks !!!!

Enrica Gattolini
Enrica Gattolini

Your financing in 4 steps

We listen to you

Our experts advise you upstream of your project

We negotiate

Our team negotiate the best conditions with the banks

We formalize

Your file is complete by our administrators

We finalize

Our experts accompany you until the signature.

Our engagements


Our engagements

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We are committed to responding to all requests in less than 24 hours.

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Our experts work in complete transparency in order to establish a trust climate.

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Your project is supported as a whole.

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Each project is unique, we bring a human and educational dimension.

Pierre-Henry Obriot, Damien Raquidel, Jonathan Fitoussi

21 years of experience and expertise

Connectcredit is the story of the 3 best brokers in France who decided to come together to bring a new vision of brokerage and support the most demanding customers. Today Connectcredit is a national platform with more than 30 brokers under their wings. In 2021, more than 16,000 informed customers.

With the biggest banks

A private broker for all your financing projects

They talk about us …

Immobilier ancien : une succession de records sur le marché en 2021

Sous la pression de la demande des différentes catégories d’acquéreurs, le marché a été marqué par une succession de records. C’est du jamais-vu !

Crédit immobilier : Les ménages modestes, grands gagnants de 2021

Alors que 2021 s’est achevée avec un record de transactions immobilières, les taux immobiliers affichent une certaine stabilité pour janvier…

Vous avez défini votre budget? Vous avez une idée de ce que vous recherchez ?

Etudier le marché est le meilleur moyen pour ne pas acheter trop cher. Les portails immobiliers diffusent des dizaines de centaines d’annonces. Comparez-les !

Your private broker

All funding requests are processed within 24 hours

Our experts can be reached at any time from Monday to Friday from       9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Do you want to talk more confidentially? Let’s meet at your place or in our Paris offices:

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