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A trusted network

With 20 years of experience, the leaders of Connectcredit have woven a quality professional network with which they have created privileged relationships.

Our bank partners

Our partnership agreements with many banks allow Connectcredit to provide multiple solutions to its customers with very advantageous rates.

Our insurance partners

Our partnerships with the largest insurance companies allow us to meet all the needs of our customers in terms of insurance.

Our real estate partners

Real estate professionals are upstream of purchase projects. Connectcredit has designed a mobile application for them dedicated to transferring their contacts and processing them instantly. More than 450 real estate agents use it on a daily basis: A revolution that offers real estate agencies an opportunity to diversify their source of profit thanks to some of the most advantageous retrocommission agreements on the market.

Customer support is the reason for our business.

Jonathan Fitoussi, Président.